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1. Plan daily hangouts with your friends😃


2. Easy check-in at partnered places📍

3. Avail offers every time you check-in at partnered places

4. Get to know how many plans you've made🥳, ditched🤬, attended😎, and cancelled🙃




Work With Us

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    tech team

    1. Node.js / Python Developer 

    2. iOS Developer 

    3. Android Developer 

    4. Angular Developer 

  • 02

    Marketing team

    1. SEO Expert

    2. Social media Influncer

    3. Marketing Analyst

    4. Content Writer

    5. Digital marketer

    6. Marketing strategist

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    Design team

    1.  UI Designer

    2. UX Designer

    3. Illustrator 



Q: How can we download Sortted?

A: You can download it only by clicking on link above. You won't able to find it on play store or app store if you search for it, because we are running a beta testing. 

Q: How to download Sortted on iphone?

A:  Step 1: Download TestFlight app on your iphone and set it up until you see "No app to test".

     Step 2: Click on link given above for iOS users.


Q: In which cities Sortted is available?

A: Currently It is only available in Pune. 

Q: Can we use Sortted at all the restaurants we see on the app?

A: No. Only the restaurants you can see on our website under collaboration section are the one you can plan for and avail offer when you check-in.

Q: Why do we see more restaurants on app than one which are listed on website.

A: We are on-boarding the best restaurants around city. For demonstrating Sortted to restaurants  we have to keep them active on app Thats why you see more restaurants on app than on website.


Q: I can't see/invite my friends when I plan.

A: Sortted is app for planning daily hangouts with with your friends, so it should be in your friends phone and you should have his/her contact saved in your phone, only then you can see your friends in friend list and can invite them

pro tip: Try refreshing your contact list as you download the app. 

Q: Can we search places by name or area?

A: Yes. You can do it by searching on search bar at top of your app's home screen. 

Q: We forgot to plan for a place on sortted and we are sitting at the place already and this place is Sortted partner. Can we still get offer?

A: Yes. You can. You just have to

Step-1 : Tap on restaurant you are sitting in

Step-2: Tap on Check-in button

Step-3: Select friends you are with

Step-4: Tap done

Step-5: See notification on home screen on offer icon.

Step-6: Tap on that and get QR code and show that to restaurant to scan.

Step-7: Representative from restaurant will scan it, add bill amount and you get offer.


Q: I am sitting at restaurant and trying to check-in but I cant see check-in button. why?

A:  Sortted uses your phone location to detect your current location. Sometimes due to poor internet connection your current location gets misplaced. So check-in button will only appear when you see 0.0 km or 0.1 km distance of restaurant 

 Pro tip: Don't check-in as soon as you enter the restaurant Try check-in when you call for bill. 


Q: When does Quantification gets reflected in my profile?

A: For plan, Ditch & attend it will get reflected 1 hour after plan time. For cancel, it gets reflected right after you cancel your plan.

For support:
Email: support@sortted.com
Call us at: +919158223848
Address: 1304, kumar surbhi apartments, Satara road, Pune, India.
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